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  • James Clarke

My Top 5 Non Camera Related Accessories To Help You As A Filmmaker

As filmmakers, we love equipment and accessories, and many of these are super expensive, bespoke products from big manufacturers. In my experience though, there are some items that you can pick up fairly cheaply or just from around your house that can be absolute life savers when filming and really dig you out of a sticky situation.

So, I wanted to share a few things I take on every shoot with me now that I absolutely couldn't be without.

Multi Tool

The humble multi tool has been around forever and, in my opinion, is massively under rated by film makers. In one small tool, you have an array of nearly all the tools you'll need in almost any situation.

Bolt stuck? Pliers will save you.

Can't break that cable tie? Knife's got your back.

Lost a coin for your tripod screw? Flat head is there.

They are so versatile that I couldn't be without it on set.

I've had my trusty Leatherman for five years now and I don't think there's been a single shoot I've not brought it with me on and haven't used it. A good one will set you back, but you can pick them up fairly cheaply for any of your local outdoors shops.

This Leatherman comes everywhere with me when I use my camera

Duct Tape

Some say the film industry is built on duct tape, and I'd agree.

From covering cables to creating markers to sticking that broken tripod back together, duct tape is the saviour that we all really need.

I have several rolls in my kit and I encourage you to get down B&Q, spend a fiver and do the same.

Duct tape - The life and blood of the film industry

Phone Repair Kit

My most recent addition to my camera kit is a small phone fixing kit. You can pick these up for under a tenner on Amazon and so worth it.

They have loads of tiny tools that can help you fix even the most fiddly of components that may fail on your camera.

Most recently I used it to tighten the tiny screws on my lens when the main body came loose!

These repair kits are really worth their weight in gold

USB Plugs

"The way to have power is to take it" - Boss Tweed, even in the 1800's they knew all my gear would run on batteries. And those batteries run out of juice, a lot.

So make sure you have ways of recharging them to keep you shooting all day and night. Bonus points if you bring a portable power bank to keep yourself charging while on the move.

I have too many USB plugs, but all of my kit charges off them! So it helps to have too many.

Mobile Phone

If you're like me, your phone is a physical extension of your body and never leaves your side. So don't forget it on a video shoot.

From signing documents to reading maps to bringing up reference images and story boards to literally not being able to use your gimbal without it, your phone is quite possibly the most powerful tool you can carry as a film maker.

So don't lose it, drop it or forget it, you will need it on every shoot you go on.

In an ever connected world, it's so important to always keep your phone with you

What do you think? Have you got a "non film" tool that you take on your film shoots? Or do you use the same ones as me? Let me know! It would be great to hear what everyone else uses.


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