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  • James Clarke

5 New Ways You Can Implement Video Into Your Business

You've made the promo video, told your story and sent your brand message to your customers with great success. AWESOME!

But how can you further harness to power of video to help improve your businesses efficiency, customer service and communication? Buckle up - Ffocws Media has you covered.

In this blog we will be exploring 5 new ways in which you can implement video strategies and content into your business to help you grow your business.


One of the age old questions in business is 'how can I use my time more efficiently?' and for many people, a lot of their time is spent explaining the same details over and over again to customers.

Whether you're regularly asked questions like basic product information, details about finding your premises or finding parking for your events.

Videos can be used as a fixed point of contact for your customers to easily access this information without having to reach out directly to you. What does this mean? Well it means you can spend more time growing and managing your business more efficiently.

Stu from Ride Bikes Wales answering his customers questions


Video is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to display and communicate vast amounts of information in a timely manner.

Whether you're updating your COVID guidelines, moving premises or adding new product ranges. Using video to educate your audience in a subject can prove to be an efficient way of communicating exactly the information you intend to deliver in the voice you want to tell it in.

Showing X-ray's in a local hospital for our work with The Physics Mentoring Project


Showing how your product works is a key moment in the sales process. And with more and more customers shopping online, the opportunity to have in person demonstrations is shrinking.

That means having a full run through of setting up and using your product in detail can be a real selling point to potential buyers.

Customers see real value in being able to see how easy and efficient your product is upfront, so exploring the use of demonstration videos as a tool for your business is a must!

Demonstrating the Graco SaniSpray HP-20


'People do business' is the age old saying. And having your past clients provide a testimonial to shout about your services can be a powerful marketing strategy.

One of our recent projects was to create a series of client testimonials for American giants Graco Inc., where users of their SaniSpray systems sung their praises for the products.

By all accounts these have proven very useful in selling their product to markets across the globe. It's something every business should look to try and incorporate.

Rod Parker, MD of Gwalia Healthcare, providing a testimonial for Graco Inc.

Email Signatures

For our final point we wanted to touch on a slightly more creative way to using video in your marketing. Incorporating them into your email signatures.

We use video to grab peoples attention and draw the eye, so why not try and do it while you communicate with them day to day? We have recently started using video in our email signatures and has led to some great talking points as it quickly tells any customers who we are and what we do. If they click on it they can see everything in more detail.

If you regularly contact potential customers through email, why not try and use this method to help you improve your engagements!

Our email video signature

What do you think of our article? Are you going to be trying out some new ways of implementing videos into your business? Please let us know if you do!

If you have any queries about the info we've spoken about above or need help producing the content, please remember you can contact us when ever you like.


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