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Hi I'm James, the face behind Ffocws Media. I come with a wealth of experience in filmmaking, videography and photography at all levels. 

I've been developing my craft for 10 years creating corporate videos, music videos and fiction films that have reached hundreds of thousands of people and have been shown at some of the largest trade shows in the world.

My goal is to deliver high quality content that your business will be talking about for years. I want to help you succeed.


I've had a passion for cameras and being creative since I was little and aspire to constantly improve my craft by producing better and better content.

Straight after finishing my Bachelors Degree in Film I co-founded a video production company in Cardiff for 3 years alongside developing my expertise in video-making for high calibre clients.

Since then I've become widely recognised in the industry, receiving awards and commendations from the Royal Television Society, Lift Off Sessions and Caerphilly Business Forum.

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My Approach
It's not just about making you a video, it's about the results you want your content to achieve. I sit down with you to assess your goals and what will entice your audience. 


Take a look at my portfolio for some examples of videos I have previously worked on.

My Passion

My aim is to give you a video that you'd love to shout about and gives you the results you're looking for. I have all of the professional equipment in-house needed to make your ideas a reality.


This includes all of the cameras, cinema lenses, gimbals, lighting, audio and editing equipment needed to put everything together.

My Expertise

As a Creative Director for 3 years I worked to deliver quality videos for Rolls-Royce, Dräger Europe and The Department for International Trade, among many more clients.


I've been hired as the Director of Photography through other media companies to help benefit client projects. These include working with Coins UK, Kontroltek, Active Quote and Audience.

Why The Name?
With Ffocws Media I wanted to express my goals, to ffocws on the people I work with and producing the best content possible for them. And Wales is the best country in the world, right?

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