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Aerial Operations

Sometimes footage captured on the ground just isn't enough to fully show the scale of your business. This is when we take to the skies to capture a unique perspective of your operations.

A New Perspective

Ffocws Media are now offering

 CAA A2 certified commercial aerial activities such as drone video and photography to our production packages. If you are looking to get airborne with us and add a new perspective to your content, get in touch today.


A Unique View

Seeing your business and operations from a unique perspective can provide you and your customers with a new and awe inspired view of your practices.

By implementing footage captured from the air you can bring a whole new angle to your marketing strategies that you may have never previously explored.

Ready For Any Flight

I fly a number of drones in house which provide the very best quality for your content but also allow me to fly in almost any airspace within the UK.

Whether you need footage of your grand property, exciting new event or cycle team. I've got you covered and am capable to take on any aerial challenge



Take a look at a few of the videos and pictures we've taken for clients on some of my recent airborne projects:

Ready to get started?

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