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Here is a selection of some of the videos I have worked on. If you wish to see more, please send a message via my contact page.

Graco Inc.

American giant Graco Inc. approached us to create a series of short promotional and testimonial videos highlighting the use of their new HP20 range of sanitising sprayers with the end users and how they are using the products to fight COVID-19.

We produced a series of 4 videos in conjunction with teams from Wales and Belgium which have now been distributed across the globe throughout Graco's sales networks. 


You can see the other three videos here.


The Physics Mentoring Project

Ffocws Media was brought on board by The Physics Mentoring Project to create a series of 5 videos to use in mentoring sessions with secondary school students.

We filmed the project in conjunction with Universities across Wales. These included; Cardiff, Aberystwyth and Bangor University.


This promotional video is a mix of three of the videos we recorded for the project.


We recorded the voice over in house and provided both Welsh and English subtitles. We also produced a series of animations, lower thirds and animated displays to add a little extra engagement to the videos.

Ride Bikes Wales

Ffocws Media was tasked to create a new promotional video for one of Wales' premiere cycling retailers - Ride Bikes Wales.

We wanted to highlight the sense of community within the shop that extends to all of the trails, tracks and roads in the area. To do so we created a cinematic video that brought cyclists in all disciplines from their daily rides into the shop to interact with the shops services and staff.


Caerphilly County Borough Council

I have been working with Caerphilly Council for a number of years and this is the latest video in our long running collaboration project.


We have created a short cinematic documentary about the sustainability of local woodlands within one of the locally run projects - Wood Lab Pren.

The Royal Academy of Engineering

Ffocws Media was invited to create a short video highlighting the work of the Welsh Valleys Engineering Project, run by the Royal Academy of Engineering.


We created a short video at Afon Taf high school in Merthyr Tydfil which shows the impact the project has had on the school, it's staff and the students.

You can see the other videos we produced with the academy here


Ffocws Media were invited to support Damian Burges on his epic fundraising adventure and create a short promotional video highlighting the challenge he would be undertaking.


Filmed on location in North Wales, this film follows Damian while he trains for his challenge and discusses the reasons he is doing so and who he is raising money for.

Gwalia Healthcare

Innovative global healthcare company Gwalia Healthcare approached me to create a new, up beat promotional video to advertise their new line of sanitising products. Our goal was to aim the video towards gyms and other businesses that would require a range of sanitising products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has since gone on to sell hundreds of thousands of bottles of sanitiser across the globe.


Mr and Mrs Clarke - Lifestyle

Mr and Mrs Clarke are one of Ffocws Media's most regular and long standing customers. And because of this, we often try to change up the ways we look at advertising their properties. For 29 Ridgeway in Newport we created a lifestyle video showing a potential buyer interacting with the beautiful property and it's amazing surrounding landscape.


ou can see more examples of our work here.

The Thirsty Elephant

As part of a social media content pack, we created a series of short videos for our friends at one of South Wales' friendliest eco cafes - The Thirsty Elephant.


We created a series of short 'buzz' videos, gifs and supplemented it with photographs to help level up their social media game!

This videos shows drinks being prepared and then enjoyed by their customers.

Mr and Mrs Clarke - Walkthrough

One of our longest running clients is the national property chain Mr and Mrs Clarke. Working with the team, we have had the pleasure to film and photograph every kind of amazing property you can imagine right the way up to £2 million in value.

Here you can see one of the tour videos we have created for a stunning property in the heart of Cardiff.

You can see more examples of our work here.


Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust

We recently worked with a local trust looking to preserve one of Wales' hidden gems located right next door to our office - Ruperra Castle.

This video discusses the history of the castle and the surrounding landscape and discusses the possibilities of returning the site to its former glory. We also visited Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire to show what is possible with the restoration of a similar historical site in Wales.

Welsh subtitled version available here.

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