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  • James Clarke

Ffocws Media Product Upgrades 2021

As part of our ongoing plan, Ffocws Media are committed to improving our products, customer experience and overall business efficiency. We believe in investing in what we offer to our clients through the constant improvements of our services and equipment we use to provide this.

Over the last few months we have heavily invested in improving many aspects of our business so we can continue to offer the very best video services to every single one of our customers.

Keep on reading to see what we've improved to help create you better content!


One of the most important aspects of creating engaging and high quality video content is the lighting used. Over the last few months we have massively upgraded our lighting package that we offer to our customers.

This includes new larger key lights such as our VL150 in the picture below which allows us to light larger and brighter spaces much more creatively.

We've also added a new hair light to use in the those tight on the go situations where a small battery powered light is perfect or as a great little practical light for illuminating those backgrounds in interviews.

Along with these lights, we've also invested in new diffusion and gels to add to the creative possibilities of our lighting. We've also added new light stands and rigging to help improve safety on set when working under the lights.


An often overlooked part of the filmmaking process, we believe audio has to be thought about just as much as the visuals in your content.

To improve our audio set up, we have recently invested in new Sennheiser microphones which massively improve the quality and crispness of our in house recording capabilities.

We have also updated our audio monitoring equipment to help create more accurate audio levels both on location and in post production.


This is one that gets us really excited. We recently levelled up our lens arsenal with the addition of a new macro lens from Sigma.

This lens is incredibly sharp and allows us to record the extreme details of your amazing products. The lens is also a fantastic addition for us when we record interviews with our customers because it has auto focus and is the 'sweet spot' focal length for filming with people.

If you'd like to find out more about this lens, what we think of it and why it is a great addition to our kit bag, you read read our quick review here.

Edit Suite

By far one of the largest improvements to our products is our brand new edit suite.

We have hugely upgraded the capabilities of our post production network by adding a new custom specced editing computer which can handle and process much more powerful footage at a hugely increased speed.

This means we can now process and edit your videos faster than ever, meaning a much more efficient editing process and therefore faster deliver of your products.

We can also edit much higher quality footage such as RAW and 10bit which means a generally high quality video visually. We can also now offer much more in terms of graphics and visuals due to the improved processing power of our editing unit.

We've also upgraded our monitors to allow us to more accurately colour grade your videos so they look as clean and professional as possible.

A final upgrade we have made is to our editing software and control deck. We are now solely editing through Davinci Resolve Studio and using their new Speed Editor which has massively improved the efficiency of bringing you your videos.

Inside the belly of the beast.

Aerial Flying

In terms of significance to our customers, aerial flying is probably our most impactful upgrade we have made this year.

We are CAA A2 qualified to operate our new Mavic 2 Pro in the air. Which means we can now bring a whole new dimension to the videos we offer.

Drones allow us to capture your business operation from a new perspective and can show the scale of your work to its full extent. We can also show off your new premises or property you're looking to sell from a completely new angle.

The options are endless with the use of drones in your videos, so we are so excited to begin working with our clients and capturing your work from a completely new perspective!

What do you think of our recent product upgrades? We'd love to hear your thoughts on them or if you'd like us to begin offering other services.

If you would like to contact us about anything you've read in this article then you can do so here.


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