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  • James Clarke

Content Ideas For Businesses In May 2021

It's that time again! Our new monthly blog post where we give you ideas on posts to help improve your engagement on social media.

We will be giving you a few dates to keep in mind for some great creative posts and a few extra ideas to help keep your feed looking fresh.

Keep on reading to find out what we think you should be posting about in May.

May 4th - Star Wars Day

Absolutely one of the most important days of the year, everyone has to make a post about Star Wars day. Whether you're battling in the warehouse with cardboard tubes or telling the office cat you're its father. The creative possibilities are endless on May the 4th!

So... because of copyright this is the only Star Wars related image we have..

May 16th - National Barbeque Day

We're approaching our 2 week window of sunshine for the year here in Wales, that means it's the best time to get out in the garden and light the barbie.

If you're just enjoying the sun or you're having a COVID safe gathering, get sharing it!

Never has a stock image made me so hungry

May 30th - National Creativity Day

Oh boy, there's so much we could write for this one. As a creative business, we're always trying to post about our creative adventures or be a little more creative in what we post. May 30th is the day for all businesses to celebrate how you are creative with your products. Whether it's a 'life hack' to use your product in a different way or some really cool new art work you've made, get it out there and celebrate Creativity Day!

Cameraman takes pictures of his camera... peak creativity

Show Behind the Scenes

If you're a regular on our Instagram feed, you'll know that 90% of our post are behind the scenes shots. But that's because everyone loves to see where the magic happens.

Showing the moulding process for your products, or the printing press for some t-shirts can be a really great way of engaging with your customers as they always want to see how their favourite products are produced.

Behind the scenes from our work with Graco Inc.

Post Your Office Pets

Honestly, who doesn't want to see doggos on their news feed!? Why not try sharing those loveable little guys with your followers? You could also ask them to post theirs in response!

Frank regularly appears on our feed..

Shout About Your Collaborations

Our job is all about collaborating, so we love to share these with our followers.

Whether you're a property developer working with new architects or you're stocking some new products in your shop from a local brand, it's great to shout about these collaborations. It's a great way of increasing the organic reach of your posts and creating some appeal to a greater group of social media users.

A shot from our recent collaboration with The Thirsty Elephant.

What did you think of our suggestions? Are you going to try them out on your social media pages? We'd love to hear what you think! And please do let us know if you try any of these post ideas.


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