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  • James Clarke

Content Ideas For Businesses In April 2021

Have some writers block? Can't think of some fresh content to keep your social media accounts on point? Well you're in luck!

Every month, Ffocws Media are going to begin providing you with fresh new ideas to post about and bring some tidy new content to your followers.

Let us know what you think of our ideas! Tag us in your posts if you take some inspiration, we'd love to see them!

Easter - April 4

The big one for the month, Easter. This is a great time to engage with followers who will be off work, full of chocolate and scrolling through their phones.

Let your followers know what you're doing this Easter. Special sales? Taking the long weekend off? Having an Easter egg hunt in the office? Let them know! It's a great time to really engage with your audience and bring some spring cheer to them.

World Health Day - April 7

Arguably, this year is the most important year to celebrate World Health Day. After the heartache of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has changed how we work and take care of ourselves, World Health Day should really be a day to celebrate and be thankful for.

Whether you're celebrating the work of our fantastic health service or showing how you've changed how you look after yourself. It's a great way to engage in conversations with your audience about the world we're living in and how it is changing the way you live and work.

We recently filmed in an A and E Unit so will be hoping to talk about that

International Mother Earth Day - April 22

We love our planet and this is the best time to shout about it. On this day you'll see many many businesses and organisations shouting about the ways they stay green and you should too!

Is your packaging 100% recycled? Have you started using electric vehicles? Do you have a favourite place in the world that you just have to share with everyone?

Get the 22nd in your calendar and share your appreciation for mother earth!

Nash Point, by far one of our favourite spots in Wales! Mother Earth did a fine job here

Show Off Your Workspace

Over the last year, many of our workspaces have changed. Whether we're at home at the kitchen table, in the garden with some bubbly or back in the office after a long time away, this is a great way to show your audience where the magic happens.

Everyone loves a great behind the scenes shot. So get your empty mug and biscuit wrapper out of the way and take an opportunity to share yours!

Here's our battle station FYI

Share Some News

Something exciting happen this month? New members of staff starting? You've won an award!? Spread the word!

Keeping your followers up to date with the big jumps you're taking in your business is a great way to keep in touch with them

We recently purchased a drone to add aerial photography to our portfolio and you can bet we shouted about it

Try an Instagram Poll

Polls are a fantastic way of engaging with your audience. It's even a sneaky way of getting a little market research in.

Whether you're toying between two colours for some packaging, debating if you should have sugar in your tea or just wanting to know if your followers are having a good day. A poll can let them engage directly with your brand and open up some conversations.

Just a few of the polls we've recently run on our Instagram account

What did you think of our suggestions? Are you going to try them out on your social media pages? We'd love to hear what you think! And please do let us know if you try any of these post ideas.


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