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  • James Clarke

The ABC's of Video Marketing

Whether you're planning a £50k video marketing series or you're creating content through your phone, there's 3 things you should always consider when using video for the first time (or multiple times).

I've broken these down into the ABC's of video marketing so you can always remember to use them for the next time you dabble into video.


No one likes fake news, that's why describing your products, services and brand identity as accurately as possible are so important in video marketing.

Real world product demos, customer testimonials and reviews are all great ways to not over or under sell what your products as they give your audience the truest insight and representations of your products.

If it glows in the dark - show it in a dark room! If it can hold 10kg of weight - don't show it holding something you'd expect to weigh more.

Using accurate information is a must because your consumers don't want to buy something that doesn't do what it says on the tin (or video).

Exact product demonstrations from a recent project


Your branding is crucial, so stick to it!

If you are an upmarket spa holiday retreat, you probably don't want to be marketing yourself with fast paced, energetic videos with heavy metal laid over the top.

The same goes if you're a paintball centre; long, slow shots that don't immerse your audience in the action may not work with your brand and intended audience.

If you aim to keep the video styling close to your branding foundations, including your fonts, colours and images, then you're well on your way to expanding your brand reach and content quality.

In the past I've taken brand representation very seriously for my clients. For one video we even changed the colour of an actors shoe laces to match the brand's colours!

One final way to keep your brand recognised is to include your logo within the video.

When the viewer finishes the video they can instantly be shown your brand logo and contact details, with calls to action through an end plate.

You could also watermark your video with your logo in the corner to fend off anyone who may want to plagiarise your video and claim it as their own.

When I create a video for myself I use this animation of my logo so people know it's mine


Just like a good milkshake, consistency is key. Every time your audience sees a piece of your content, you want them to instantly recognise that it is yours and only yours.

Whether it's the colours you use, the framing of the shots or the editing, you need to give your videos the similar look and feel to instil awareness, identity and trust into your followers.

When working in house this is very easy to keep track of because if you're making the videos, it's only one creative mind behind them meaning you're less likely to deviate from the image you wish to portray.

When working with outside sources (like videographers) I've often found clients like to keep to using one company or individual to create their content.

By doing so the third party production team can grow with your brand and help you every step of the way to achieving your goals.

They will also give you one creative vision, meaning that the content will be similar and to a good standard throughout your use of video marketing.

Consistent lighting helped to relate two scenes in this video


If you follow the ABC's of video marketing I think you will be well on your way to starting a successful video marketing strategy.

These points have only just scratched the surface of how to build and maintain a great strategy, so keep an out for future blogs that will build on this, or get in touch and I'll be happy to answer your questions! Let me know if you use any different ABC's for video too! Get in touch today here.


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