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The Welsh Blood Service - Stem Cells

Agency copyright: Rockadove Video Production

My role on this project was Director of Photography and project lead. Following the initial idea development, I was tasked with creating and implementing a projector system into a studio space for our talent to interact with.

I researched and developed 2 set ups using projections. One was a high angle across a pre built canvas rig, the other a side projection which projected from floor level to ceiling and acted as a background to the interviews.

I chose to film this project in 4:3 ratio to deliver a slightly more 'nostalgic' feel to the film.

The overall project is a short creative case study video which follows Emma as she reacts to the memories of her journey to receive a stem cell transplant from a Welsh donor.

Who is this kind of content for?

Creative case studies are a powerful piece of content which can best be used be organisations looking to tell a story which is very compelling.

Why is this content effective?

The goal of this content is to pull at the heart strings of your audience and by looking at how this is done in a visual way can really help bolster the overall final effect it may have on them.

Who consumes this content?

Emotive content has a huge reach across a massive audience. This is because it is both powerful and trustworthy content due to it being told directly by the person in the story.

Where would you see this content?

This content is designed to be a case study of an existing project or story in an organisation so will work well on a static page.

Due to the emotive subject matter, this content is great for sharing and gaining natural reach across social media such as Facebook, X, Instagram and TikTok.

Is this the content your business needs?

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