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Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust

The Ruperra Castle Preservation Trust approached me to produce a long form discussion video which would help raise awareness as to why they were trying to save Ruperra Castle.

We decided on a presentations tyle video which would explain the history of the castle and use other case study examples to show how money can help with their vision for the castle.

Who is this kind of content for?

Long form content can be great if you are looking to really explore something in heavy detail.

For example, the long history of Ruperra Castle and the future vision of the society required a great deal of disussion.

Why is this content effective?

It is mostly effective at delivering factual information to an audience.


Using a long form lecture style talk mixed with differing visuals helps to keep audiences engaged with your subject.

Who consumes this content?

This content was aimed towards both educated and uneducated audiences.

The appeal to educated audiences was comparing the current project to Abeglasney and showing the similarities between them.

The appeal to uneducated audiences was to raise awareness to the project and to hopefully entice them to help.

Where would you see this content?

I would recommend this content to be shown through a static page on a website to create a short case study piece.

Through social media; YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn would likely provide the best reach. It also has the ability to be broken down into smaller bite size pieces to be better consumed through stories.

Is this the content your business needs?

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