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The Physics Mentoring Project

The Physics Mentoring Project is an educational project linked to Cardiff University and many other universities in Wales. I was approached to produce a series of videos they could show students to aid in their in person classroom sessions.

I produced 3 videos to aid the classroom and one short promotional video to be used to attract more schools and mentors to get involved with the programme.

I'm unable to show the in classroom films but the film above is the promo video which encompasses footage from each of the other videos.

Who is this kind of content for?

Video content can be an exceptional tool for educators to take advantage of. It can be used as an additional resource for you to use in classrooms to maintain or improve student engagement and can often be a creative alternative to traditional teaching methods.

Why is this content effective?

This content used informative yet engaging content which appealed to a teenage audience.

The content was independently verified by Ondata Research and given an overwhelmingly positive review. 

You can see the review here -

Is this the content your business needs?

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