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Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages Project at Cardiff University approached me to produce and inspiring video which would attract students and schools to get involved with them.

During COVID, filming became difficult for us, so we opted to produce a stock video ffocws'd film.

The benefit of this, was that we could choose every shot we wanted and had no geographical or logistical restrictions. Which was great when trying to represent foreign places.

Who is this kind of content for?

A stock ffocws'd promotional video can be used to great effect by businesses or organisations which are unable to film content at the point of needing a video.

It also opens up opportunities to represent people, places and objects that may not be possible to film first hand.

Who consumes this content?

Promotional videos like this are heavily aimed at a B2C market. For us, it was for an undecided audience which we needed to win over to try and encourage them to take up learning a new language.

Why is this content effective?

This content allowed us to tell the story of the project exactly how we wanted and use the exact imagery that we wanted.

This was especially important when trying to portray a connected world through language.

Where would you see this content?

I would recommend this content to be shown through static pages on websites as an online case study.

Through social media; YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn would likely provide the best reach.

Is this the content your business needs?

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