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Development Bank of Wales

Agency copyright: Rockadove Video Production

My role on this project was Director of Photography and project lead. The goal was to create a series of case studies which had differing subjects but very similar styles in terms of shooting and editing. This was to ensure they were recognisable as a campaign and series. 

Filmed over 5 days of filming, I filmed and directed a total of 5 case studies along with idea generation, storyboarding and logistics.

Along with the video case studies, I shot and edited press and social photos for each subject.

More from this project

These are some of the additional case studies I filmed and directed:

Who is this kind of content for?

Creative case studies are a powerful piece of content which can best be used be organisations looking to tell a story which is very compelling or successful.

Why is this content effective?

These stories are told by the people who received the funding from the development bank, so are a true to life, first hand account.

They demonstrate a truthful testimony of the help the bank provides.

Who consumes this content?

These are very specialised pieces of content designed for a niche audience - new entrepreneurs or business owners.

Where would you see this content?

This content is designed to be a case study of an existing project or story in an organisation so will work well on a static website page.

These videos can also be cut down into shorter pieces for use on social media, such as X, Instagram reels and TikTok.

Is this the content your business needs?

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