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Caerphilly County Borough Council

Caerphilly County Borough Council approached me to produce a short case study documentary about a concluding project that highlighted its effectiveness in the local industry and supply chain.

Over one day we filmed a cinematic and engaging piece of content that followed the physical work in the environment and then through to the craftsmanship the project supported.

This is all encapsulated in a 3 minute case study film.

Who is this kind of content for?

Cinematic content can be great for all brands looking to appeal to a niche market.


Cinematic case studies can be a great way to express your work in an engaging  way.

This content for CCBC serves well for large organisation or government funded projects to highlight the effectiveness to customers and stakeholders.

Why is this content effective?

A short case study can give a very personal view about a project or product to your audience. 

Using real world testimonials by users or those involved in the project is the best way to build trust with your audience and drive your users engagement with your content.

Who consumes this content?

This content has a wide appeal to users. From a B2B perspective, it can be a great way to tell stories from within your brand and use testimonials to strengthen your image with companies you want to work with.

From a B2C perspective, it is the absolute best way to build trust with your customers by having real people tell a positive story about you.

Where would you see this content?

I would recommend this content to be shown through a static page on a website to create a short case study piece.

Through social media; YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn would likely provide the best reach. It also has the ability to be broken down into smaller bite size pieces to be better consumed through stories.

Is this the content your business needs?

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